Incomputable Systems


Incomputable is a software engineering consulting company specialized in high-performance computing and distributed computing. We deliver customized software systems to execute workflows on the largest computing platforms in the world. With more than twenty years of experience, we bring to your organization technology to power workflow applications at unprecedented scale. We engage in the grand challenges of our times—fighting cancer, climate change and pandemics—enabling computational innovation in biology, chemistry, material engineering, particle physics and climate sciences.

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We provide software solutions custom-made to the customer's requirements. We adopt requirements election and software engineering best practices, leveraging cutting edge technologies to deliver the best performance on large-scale computing architectures.

RCT, Parsl, Dask, and Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka are just few examples of the technologies we can leverage to provide applications that effectively and efficiently scale to hundred of thousands of CPUs and GPUs.

We have the knowledge and experience to offer tailored middleware and user-facing applications to execute heterogeneous and dynamic workflows at unprecedented scale. We routinely deliver systems to manage the execution of millions of single/multi-core, OpenMP, MPI executable tasks and Python functions on both high-performance computing and cloud platforms.